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Music Business Mentoring for Youth

The music business is hard.  I have been a full-time musician for years, toured across Canada and independently released 13 albums.  Allow me to support your dreams, and make the journey a pleasant one!  


I will share my experience and can offer mentoring for:


*Directing creativity and creating project timelines/goals

*Song writing and musical direction/focus

*The variables and costs of recording albums and/or EPs

*The ART of Producing

*Creating a strong performance resume/bio

*Booking tours (provincial, national & international)

*Creating press packages 

*Building a WEB presence/social media/website

*Navigating Copyright and publishing rights



I am $25 an hour for coaching/mentoring, but if you have a dream, and you write it down and create a plan and possible barter for my services, then I will try my best to make it happen!


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