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Kiki's Community Kindness Project

Kindness is the way to make someone's day!

Over the next few years, Kiki The Eco Elf is developing and will be implementing different projects in the community focusing on kindness and compassion, by  spreading joy and positivity.  

Some ideas on the table:


* Delivering fresh flowers to seniors homes/ Hospice House.

* Pre-paying for hot chocolates/coffees at a drive through or coffee shop.

* Offering FREE spring/fall yard clean-up for seniors and disabled.

* Helping to organize Block Parties.

* Beach, Park and Neighbourhood litter pick-up.

* Free Family Events and Festivals.


If you or your business have an idea, or would like to become involved in the COMMUNITY KINDNESS PROJECT, please get ahold of me, and I would be thrilled to have you on board!  Let's promote KINDNESS and your local business at the same time!

Kindness is the way!

Kiki's Kindness Project #1

FREE Coffee to the first 20 customers.

Kiki's Kindness Project #2

Flowers dropped off to Hospice House.

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