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The Neuroscience Of Music  WORKSHOP

Exploring and exposing the recent findings within the neuroscience of music, Tanya Lipscomb presents a workshop on one of humanity's oldest form of communication and longest standing fascination.  

Why is it SO important for children to be exposed to music at a young age?

        Why are we attracted to the genres and music we like?

        How does music affect our mental health and physical wellness?

How many parts of our brain are engaged while making or listening to music?  Does music support other learning outcomes?

          Can music help people suffering from addiction, diseases and disabilities?

 Do fetuses in utero recognize melodies?


ALL of these questions and more are answered in this exciting, FUN and informative new workshop.







Included with the workshop:

1. Children's CD of music

2. Booklet of songs and musical games 

3. Interactive Musical performance

4. Loop Pedal exploration

Offered at ECE Conferences, CCRR workshops, Early Childhood Development Fairs and Educational Conferences.

Questions, comments and bookings, CLICK HERE.

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