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Song Writing WORKSHOP

Throughout humanity's existence, music has been a fundamental element of our social structure and connection.  It is Kiki's belief that every one has a song in thier heart.  



Song writing 101


Inspired by the recent discoveries within the neuroscience of music, Kiki has developed a performance/workshop which encourages participants to express themselves through music and to write their own songs. 


Kiki will develop and create an understanding of the main sections within a song:


1. An exploration of rhythms and time signatures, and includes a beginner beat-boxing lesson.

2. An introduction to the ever important role of melodies, harmonies and key signatures and the emotional impact of these elements.

3. The development of lyrical structure, rhyming schemes, and the importance of a strong message.  

4. A discussion about the benefits of spontaneous/improvisational music as well as the value in creating a meticulously structured song. 

5.  Put all of the ideas and concepts into action and perform.


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