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Live Performances


Through wildly imaginative story-telling, multi-instrumental music and engaging, interactive games, Kiki the Eco Elf offers stage performances with a conscientious message. Her shows promote musical education, environmental awareness and healthy life choices that encourage positive solutions, creativity, silliness and thought provocation.  With an ecological focus, Kiki the Eco Elf joyfully inspires future generations to take action while letting thier inner child run free.  She is bound to entertain young and old alike with her contagious charisma and energy.  




Kiki jumps on a festival stage with the same colour and enthusiasm as a school performance, with a little less educational content and a LOT more SILLY! Interactive loop pedal songs are created in front of festival goer's eyes, and layer upon layer of sounds and rhythms are built on stage. Stage magic, multi-cultural story-telling, interactive musical games and conga lines are all usual suspects.


As well, Kiki adds the opportunity of a package for your festival which includes your choices of stage performance, roving entertainment (Stilts, Inflatable Salmon Story-telling Theatre, workshops and/or professional face paint).   




For younger audiences, Kiki sings fun sing-a-longs (classics and originals), promotes musical participation, tells engaging stories, performs a mini magic show and plays age-appropriate interactive games.  Bright, colourful costumes, a bubbly warm personality and a giggly wiggly good time will enthrall the pre-schoolers. Get ready to clap, stomp, flap your arms, sing and dance!  


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